Friday, May 7, 2010


There was another post on low cost marketing that I found thought provoking. I believe thriftiness coincides with craftiness in the start up stages of a business. Its important to pocket away as many pennies as possible for a day when large scale expenses are needed. I highly reccomend collaging together posters for a refreshing and interesting means of advertising. Also, the Printmaking club meets Tuesdays at 4:30 and supplies are provided free of charge, you could make your own print logo! Also, a teacher told me about a company that prints proffesional style postcards with images and text for only $30 for 250 cards. Also, the Communications office at Lawrence is becoming more creative with their advertising and can provide printed posters free of charge if it is associated with a class. Use your resources!

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  1. Another good way to market is to have your posters put up on the tv's behind the info desk and down by Andrew's Common's. If you e-mail Greg Griffin with your poster design, they'll put it into rotation.