Monday, May 24, 2010

Straight Purplin'

One of the most inspiring things that Mr. Cutler talked about last week was the story about the purple cow. I will most likely purchase that book to find out how I can also become purple, but his speech also made me realize how many artists around me have been successful by doing just that. Both my parents are musicians and both of them have somehow managed to distinguish themselves from all the other cows in the field. My mother has told me that there are always going to be limits to skill and talent, but there is endless opportunity for being different and original. This doesn't mean that anyone can do obscure things with no talent or practiced skill and enjoy huge success, although that may happen every once in a while (that one Asian guy on American Idol, I forget his name), but it emphasizes the point that being purple is what many talented musicians are lacking. My father has experienced more commercial success, but he too has become a very distinct musician from anything most people would typically hear. There are only a select few cows in the feild that are superior through speed, strength, intelligence, and beauty, but the occasional purple cow can stand out and enjoy just as much success, especially in the world of art.

If anybody's curious you can read about my father here.

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