Saturday, May 15, 2010

oh my favorite J&J

Artists follow their passions. They don’t care about their meal for the next day or their rent for the next month. It is the attitude of life. I remember in one of my studio art seminar class, prof. Neilson said to us: all of you sitting in this classroom, the most normal life you will have in the future is bohemian. 

I have known J&J for three years, they are the greatest advisors and they always inspire me. One of my most important things they ever told me about photography was when I was struggling printing photographs for my solo exhibition. I was about to collapse under the pressure and anything was just not right. I showed them my sample prints and they did not think it right too. Julie looked at me and said: there was no love. I did not get it at that time, not until very later on when I finished using a box of 11x14 fiber paper for one photo, it finally came about right. And I saw love. I remembered that I ran into J&J’s office and cried out “I found love!” And then I understood, it was the passion in it, not just about photography, it was about anything you are working on, even including this project for this class. It is the passion that makes it wonderful and it is the love.

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