Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pepsi Refresh

The Pepsi Refresh Project is designed to solicit creative ideas that will positively impact communities. Ideas are submitted in the categories of health, the arts/culture, food and shelter, environment, education, and neighborhoods. Ideas and votes are submitted online, with funding for top-rated projects generated from a fund of $1,300,00. With voting closing at the end of the month, ideas in the arts/culture category are widely varied- ranging from requests for instruments and music for low income schools, to “painting from memory” art projects for Alzheimers’ patients, and starting a company to provide free promotion to musical artists. This seems like an excellent manner in which to tap unlimited creative ideas for future projects. Even some of the projects for this course would be good candidates for submission…

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  1. Was looking more more info on Alzheimer's and the arts and stumbled upon your blog. Last week attended a screening in Milwaukee of a remarkable movie about how the creative arts helps indiviudals with Alzheimer's. Several hundred people were in attendance, including the filmmakers. An idea for you would be to show this film and invited the filmmaker Berna Huebner who lives in the Chicago area. She spoke at the panel discussion following the film and was quite inspiring. The documentary is called "I Remember Better When I Paint" is being shown around the world, and is mindchanging. We had heard about the screening in an article in BrookfieldNow, and also here is the link to the film website: