Friday, April 9, 2010

27 Inspring Young Online Entrepreneurs

In this day and age entrepreneurs are finding new ways to appeal to the demands of their consumers. Such is proven in the article above, in which 27 young online entrepreneurs have created multi-million dollar websites all before the age of 33 (slightly depressing for us "normal" people, dontcha think?) While the projects vary in topic, all have one thing in common...they all have figured out the perfect way to target their target population.

It seems extremely important for a business to consider why, how, when, and where their target population would use their services. And in the case of these online entrepreneurs they have done just that. In a technologically savy world where Generations X, Y, and Z are using the internet on average 24.5 hours a week, it seems logical for a business to be online. So location, location, location...even if its not an actual location. ;)

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