Monday, April 12, 2010

U Street Music Hall: Inspiration for a Successful Nightclub

Thinking about creating our own nightclub brought me back to my hometown of Washington, DC. There are a growing number of options for clubbing in DC, and the newest one piqued my interest. U Street Music Hall describes itself as, " frills, but it’s not a dive bar. It has a little touch of class without being pretentious. You’ve got the infrastructure of a real dance club without any of the snobbery." They keep the drinks cheap and the focus on the dance floor. With a setup that puts the focus on DJs and all shows 18+, they hope to attract a crowd. They plan to serve food eventually, but currently the big investment is in a state-of-the-art sound system with bass that supposedly shakes the beer of the bar without leaving your ears ringing. Check out the DCist Blog for a longer story about the entrepreneurial DJs who saw a spot in the market for their own venue and created this club.

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  1. Hi Nico,

    Thanks for your post about U Street Music Hall. We hope you stop by to check it out first hand when you're back in Washington. I wanted to comment because I actually grew up in Neenah, just down Hwy 41 from Appleton and spent time on the Lawrence University campus. Back in high school, I used to tag along with my friends who had a radio show on Lawrence radio and go to concerts on campus.

    Greetings from DC and best of luck in your course.

    Will Eastman