Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Book to Read....

The speakers we've had come into class are, in one way or another, leading other people. This relates to a book I picked up over winter break (pictured at right). In the book Seth Godin details advice on how to lead a group of people, what he terms a tribe. He illustrates his points with examples of tribe leaders that have achieved success and developed followers doing things that had previously been considered impossible. He uses rock climbers, the Greatful Dead, and a person who transformed the animal control policies of entire cities to no-kill.

The book is a quick and easy read since Godin makes a point, illustrates it briefly, and moves on to the next point. Some of his points discuss how tribes have changed as technology has eliminated barriers and how leaders can utilize new mediums successfully. The title includes the phrase "We Need You to Lead Us" and the book explains that there are opportunities for good leaders to create movements and that the right leadership can make a movement very successful. This does not mean that everyone needs to become a leader but that there is a need for good leadership in all sectors.

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