Monday, April 26, 2010

Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship TONIGHT at 6PM!! Stream it Live!

Tonight, President Obama will be speaking about entrepreneurship! He will specifically be highlighting WHY entrepreneurship is important and how to foster entrepreneurial growth. There will be guest speakers from 50 different countries which include socially conscious businessmen, NGO leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs. I highly encourage you to check it out -- it begins at 6pm TONIGHT. You can stream it live from here.

If you'd like more info, go here!

EDIT:: Um, ok, I guess they're only streaming the Presidential speech, but if you can, you should get to a TV and watch it! He mentioned the Gramean Bank and microfinance, as well as up and coming entrepreneurs in the Middle East and developing nations. He said that entrepreneurship is the one thing that can bring the Middle East and America together, and I know that I would sure like to hear the hows and the whys. It looks like an amazing summit, so go, go now! Get to your tvs and watch this! :D

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