Monday, April 26, 2010

Cheap (or Free) Ways to Grow Your Business

Maybe everyone already knows about this, but INC is an amazing entrepreneur website/magazine. I would highly recommend checking it out and surfing through their abundant free articles and business tips. Upon your search, you should read the article below about cheap and free ways to grow a business. The article is proof that social media tools are a smart move for expanding businesses. There is also an article about how Facebook features will help you expand your business. For The Practice Pad we are using a business Facebook group to connect alumni with students. Our hope is that through this page we can connect students who lack the necessary resources (either place or instrument) to practice their music with individuals who have the space or instrument and are willing to open up their home for a few hours.

Quote from "Cheap (of Free) Ways to Grow Your Business"
"Many small businesses today have yet to really harness the marketing and communication power that online tools can provide them," said Raj Seshadri, Citibank's head of small business banking. "Our survey reveals a huge opportunity for many businesses to begin using some of the basic online tools, such as email marketing, to drive their sales."

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