Friday, April 30, 2010

arts and $

I have been thinking a lot about what Tim Troy and Jackie Battenfield talked about. Both mentioned the need to follow your passion and do whatever it takes to make it your primary source of income, if desired. Although Tim and Jackie spoke of similar things, I noticed that they contradicted each other as well. Jackie mentioned that although it is key to try to make a living off of your art, it is also important and practical to have a side interest that you are also passionate about and can make as much money as possible while spending as little time on it as allow for more art time. An example she gave was her artist friend who also does people taxes 4 months out of the year, banking away money for art supplies and travel. Tim made it seem as though dabbling in other interests was discouraged, because it distracted you from your main passion. I'd like some in put on this if at all possible. Thanks!

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